Escape Hybrid and Zune integration

My wife drives a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid with Navigation.  I recently integrated her Zune in the audio system and it works perfectly.  I purchased the FRDW-AUX and Soundgate ZNCBLPAK from Logjam Electronics.  The FRDW-AUX just takes the plug from the CD changer and turns it into a aux port.  The Soundgate connects to the aux port and the Zune.  It also charges the Zune.  At first I had the power coming from the cigarette lighter using the included plug but later I wired it directly to the power from the CD changer.  The best part is that when we get rid of the car all I have to do is change the plug from the FRDW-AUX to the CD changer and it’s back to the factory condition.