Windows Home Server build

Last weekend I built my first Windows Home Server.  Right now I am not using it to it’s fullest extent because I am only on the 120-day evaluation license.  I am a little reluctant to fully commit to the current version or WHS because a new version may be released soon.  It was easy to install and set up but it did take a while.  The complete install took about 3 hours to completely install the OD and all of the updates.  I only have one computer connected to the server right now, my HP tx2051 tablet running Vista Ultimate.  Here’s what I used for the build.

Old ATX case and DVD drive

Biostar MCP6P M2+ motherboard

AMD LE-1640 processor

Antec Earthwatts 380W power supply

2Gb PC6400 OCZ memory

Samsung Spinpoint 200Gb hard drive

Right now the server has very little storage.  I plan on adding a 3x4 SATA hot swap enclosure so I can add and easily upgrade 4 drives.  The added storage will allow me to back up my 2 laptops and store all of my music and photos with duplication.  So far I have only used the server to stream videos to my Xbox 360 but I am looking forward to taking advantage of more if it’s capabilities soon.