HP tx2000 problems

So I have started having problems with my HP tx2051.  All of a sudden the wireless adaptor stopped being recognized.  I contacted HP support and went through a few steps to try and fix the problem.  I reinstalled the most recent BIOS, reinstalled the wireless drivers, and finally removed and reseated the wireless card.  After physically removing and reinstalling the wireless card it came back to life for 1 boot.  After I rebooted it disappeared again and hasn’t come back.  HP support now wants me to do a complete system restore but I have a feeling the problem is hardware related not software.  There appears to be a build defect in the HP tx1000 and tx2000 notebooks that causes the nVidia chip to overheat and cause problems.  HP knows about the same problem in some of their other notebook models and has an extended warranty for them.  Unfortunately HP has so far failed to admit that the same problem occurs in the tx1000 and tx2000 series and they are not covered under the extended warranty.  The way to repair the problem is to replace the motherboard and since my tx2051 is 4 months out of warranty that will cost me over $300.  I am a little reluctant to pay for the repair and am hoping HP will add the tx2000 series to the extended warranty.  As a workaround I am using a USB wireless adaptor and it seems to be working OK.  From reading the forums (here and here) it seems like the problems with the notebook might get worse with time including display, rebooting, and not booting issues.  I have everything backed up and will keep using it as long as I can.