Windows Home Server Update

     I almost have my home server where I want it.  I picked up a couple of 1Tb WD Green hard drives form Dell for $140.  The drives were delayed about 2 weeks from when I ordered them but it wasn’t too bad.  I installed them in my WHS with no problems and added them to the storage pool.  One of them is installed in a removable enclosure so I can take the drive out in case I have to leave the house in an emergency.  I have folder duplication turned on for all of the shared folders.  I haven’t copied all of my pictures and music to it yet but that’s the plan.  I also have the WHS set to back both my and my wife’s tablet PCs every night.  So far it seems to be working pretty well.  The WHS wakes up the tablets every night to perform the backups.  At first I kept getting an error when trying to back up my HP tx2051 tablet PC.  I ran chkdsk with both repair options selected and it found and repaired some bad sectors.  After the repair the WHS backup ran without any more issues.  My 120 day evaluation key for WHS will expire in about one month at which point I will have to purchase and reinstall the full version of WHS.  Once I do this I will copy all of my music and photos to the WHS where they will be duplicated across the two 1Tb drives to protect against a single drive failure.  Once that is done I will be able to mess with my Ubuntu server which is currently being used as my backup solution.  Right now I am thinking about installing the Windows 7 RC on it and using it as a media center PC with my Xbox 360 as an extender.

     On a separate note, since the internal wireless card on my tx2051 failed I have been using a USB Wi-Fi dingle and it is still working fine (knock on wood).