Free Zune Pass tracks (June-August)

In June I started off by getting the album Konk, by the Kooks.  In July I got the rest of that album and then tracks 1-7 from To Lose My Life, by White Lies.  In August I completed To Lose My Life and started to get Best. Concert. Ever. by Jonathan Coulton.  I’ll be working on this album for September and October because there are 20 songs on the full album.  This past Friday I saw The Airborne Toxic Event at the Del Mar races.  They played a couple of new songs which sounded great and I’m looking forward to their next album (no word on when to expect it).  Continuing the ‘music’ theme, I saw some video of the Zune HD at the GDGT launch party in SF.  It looks great and I might pick one up, depending on the storage capacity.  Microsoft is building one of their first stores about 40 miles north of me.  Maybe I’ll be able to pick up a new Zune HD at a new Microsoft store.


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