Movado Kenny Scharf watch unboxing.

On our last trip to San Francisco my wife and I bought ourselves Movado watches.  She got ‘Blurple Time’ and I got ‘Universal Time’.  Here are some pictures of the packaging.  There are plenty of good pictures around of the watches themselves so I’ll focus on the packaging.


P9273105 sm

The outer cardboard has the number of the watch.  (There are only 125 of each design.)


P9273106 sm

When you slide out the inside box it is made of a thick cardboard printed with the watch design.


P9273107 sm

Lifting the lid of the inner box reveals the watch box, certificate of authenticity, and envelope with extras.


P9273108 sm

Close up of the certificate of authenticity.  It has the number of the watch filled in by hand.


P9273111 sm

The envelope contains an extra watch band.  (Purple for this watch.  Universal time comes with a tan band and the extra one is black.)  It also contains a warranty card and instruction manual.


P9273109 sm

Close up of the watch box.


P9273110 sm

The watch box open with ‘Blurple Time’ inside.