Windows Phone Mango improvements on my LG Quantum

This is just a quick list of some of the smaller changes I have noticed in Windows Phone Mango. The major changes like multitasking and the new browser have been covered extensively elsewhere. Some of these changes may be specific to my phone model, LG Quantum on AT&T. I will keep updating this list as I find more changes. 1.  Better people tile, better animations with the few contact pictures I have and it grabbed twitter contact pics. 2.  Autocorrection now works with the hardware keyboard. 3.  The camera sound is off if the phone ringer is off.  The camera will also take a picture when you touch the screen, this can be changed in the settings. 4.  Several apps had Mango updates but they weren't listed on the marketplace tile.  I only saw them when I searched for them in the marketplace. 5.  The volume numbers are larger and easier to read. 6.  Media player controls on the lock screen are larger.

7.  The picture tile is now animated.  The picture I have set as the picture tile is larger and now slowly scrolls vertically.