Nokia Lumia 900 - Three Week Update

I picked up the Nokia Lumia 900 from AT&T on Easter. The AT&T company store near me was actually open on the holiday. The salesman said they had 5 of the cyan colored ones. I don't know how many black ones they had. While I was purchasing my black one I saw one other person getting a cyan one. My previous phone was an LG Quantum, also a Windows Phone so I already had my Live ID set up with my contacts, calendar, and Twitter information.  When I first turned on the Lumia 900 I entered my Live ID and all of my info synced down to the phone.  I still had to reinstall all of my apps manually.  The MyPhone website made installing the apps pretty easy by allowing my to see my purchase history and send apps to the my new phone.  I wish I could select multiple apps to send to the phone but the process was not that bad.

As for the hardware, the phone feels great in my hand.  The matte black case looks good and doesn't show fingerprints very much.  The large touchscreen looks really nice indoors and out.  It will show fingerprints but no worse than other touchscreen phones.  The camera takes good pictures, though not great.  I haven't had much use for the front camera for video calls yet.  My previous phone had a hardware keyboard but I find the large screen size of the Lumia 900 and great software keyboard make typing fairly easy.  I still think I would prefer a hardware keyboard for typing something as long as a blog post.  For texting and websites it's fine though.  The rest of the software is regular Windows Phone 7.5.  It runs smooth on the Lumia 900, only showing the slightest bit of lag if a lot of tasks are open.

There a couple of things I would like to see improves with the phone.  First, the vibration in silent mode is a little weak.  I have missed some notifications and calls by not felling the phone vibrate.  Second, the screen brightness adjusts too slowly.  When taking the phone from indoors to outside it takes several seconds for the screen to get brighter.  When it does you can see it slowly increase in several steps.  Third, the camera button does not wake the phone from sleep and launch the camera app consistently.  It always works from the lock screen though.

Finally I had one problem that required a hard reset.  Let me describe when the problem started.  I was playing a game with my Bluetooth head set connected to the phone.  While playing the game I received a test message.  The phone started to read the text message over the headset but then the phone completely restarted.  After that restart I started to have problems connecting to the LTE network.  If the phone dropped from LTE to 4G it would not reconnect back to LTE.  Only a restart or toggling airplane mode would allow the phone to reconnect to LTE again.  If I entered a weak signal area and the phone dropped back to 4G it would stay there again.  After searching online and not finding anybody with a similar problem I decided to backup and hard reset my phone.  After the hard reset I have not had the problem again.  Hopefully if was a one time issue.  I should note that I installed the first software update the day it was released and my problem happened over a week later.

Overall I am extremely happy with my Lumia 900.  The few minor problems I have are not bad enough to cause me to return the phone and might be able to be fixed with a software update.  Nokia's response to the first network issue and rapid update release gives me hope that more updates are on the way.  Even if that is not the case I plan on using my Lumia 900 for a while (at least until WP8 Apollo comes out).