Does your Xbox 360 not show up under 'Play To' with Windows 8?

Maybe everybody knew about this but I just figured it out.  I really like the 'Play To' feature of Windows 8 and the Xbox 360.  My problem has been that the Xbox doesn't always show up as an option to send video to.  I finally realized that the Xbox needs to be turned on before my computer.  I always leave my computer on and I never leave my Xbox on so it was frustrating trying to figure this out.  Now, when I want to send video or music to my TV I first turn on the Xbox.  Next, instead of restarting the computer, I just turn the wireless off and on.  As soon as the computer is back on the network the Xbox is listed as an option for 'Play To'.  It seems like there should be a way for Windows 8 to know that an Xbox has appeared on the network but this workaround works for now.  Previously I used a Netgear PTV1000 to show my computer content on my TV.  Unfortunately the PTV1000 does not work with Windows 8 and I can't upgrade to the newer WiDi adaptor yet (My TV and receiver don't have HDMI).  Hopefully someone else will find this helpful.