Cheap Macro Lens Alternative

I got a set of diopter lenses to use with my Sony A77 camera.  I've been wanting to try some macro photography for a while now but didn't have a macro lens.  Both my kit 16-50mm 2.8 lens and Tamron 70-300 USD lens have minimum focal distances that are too long for macro work.  I researched a bit into getting a specific macro lens but the cost seemed a bit high.  I found a cheaper alternative called a diopter lens that can be used with any lens.  I read that they work best with telephoto lenses so I got a set to fit my Tamron lens, 62mm.  Here is the specific set.  I took a walk last weekend with the +4 and +2 filters to test them out.  It was a bit difficult because it was pretty breezy and I didn't bring a tripod.  The filters worked better than expected.  The minimum focusing distance was greatly reduced and the image quality was better than expected.  I can't wait to get out and try the +1 and +10 filters too.  Here are a couple of examples and a link to the full set on Flickr.