Designhuette MANHATTAN Watch Winder

I recently picked up four Designhuette MANHATTAN watch winders while Christopher Ward was having a 25% off sale. In case you don’t know, the reason for a watch winder is to keep automatic watches running after not wearing them for a while. This eliminates the need to constantly set the time and also keeps the watch movement in good shape by keeping the gears moving. I’ve been looking for a watch winder for a while now. For the most part they all seem ridiculously overpriced. Some winders can cost over $500 for a single watch! The MANHATTAN winders are $150 before the sale. The reason I chose this model is that it has a modular design. Up to twelve winders can be connected together to share a single power plug. The packaging is very plain, just a white box. Inside the winder is wrapped in a velvety pouch. I got the black model and it is a very glossy black. Each unit comes with an international power plug and a connector cable to string multiple winders together. There are 2 switches to adjust the direction of winding (clockwise, counter clockwise, or alternating) and the number of turns per day (650, 750, 900, or 1000). It also takes two AA batteries that the manual says is for “emergency operation only”. I would think that if you were in a real emergency winding your watches would be a minor concern but whatever. Honestly, the insert that holds the watch feels a bit cheap. There is a strong spring that keeps the watch in place but the plastic is a bit flimsy. Ultimately it doesn’t have to be too strong to hold a slowly spinning watch but it would just be nice if it felt a bit nicer. I installed the four winders, attaching one to the power outlet and daisy chaining the others together. There is a small LED in the front that is on while the winders are spinning and slowly flashes when they are paused. Even with all four units spinning they are very quiet. They also seem to generate no heat which was a concern for me since they will be in a safe. Obviously it will take a while to determine how reliable they are but hopefully it won’t be a problem. Overall I’m very happy with the MANHATTAN watch winder and glad I don’t have to worry about setting my automatic watches all of the time.